Got me singing.

Xuan Bing, 18.
Minimal trust,
to everyone around.


Removed due to inactivity! :D


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Monday, September 13, 2010, 10:37 PM

Nothing in this world is real or true.
Only money is.

If u can support urself,
better save up and keep an amount to urself.
Cus u nvr know when u might need to start depending on urself for food.

thats life.

Monday, August 30, 2010, 9:25 PM

Founded by 4 (cash-strapped) NTU students, SMadS (pronounded S-M-Ads) came about when we were daydreaming about ways to earn some extra money without having to do anything.
If you've daydreamed about the same thing before, then welcome to the club! The illustration below shows you how this is possible. If you wanna know more, simply click on "How it works".
And no this is not too good to be true. Just sign up and we'll prove it to you.
After all, signing up is free so why not right? :)

Interesting thing. Try it out lol.

Friday, August 20, 2010, 9:38 PM

There's no doubt reality is fiction
Repeat my emotional days
No more soft reaction
Get evolution
I need some spice in my lazy life

I always wanna be tough
I can change my life
The white-hot island, burning survivor

So get up, Brave Vibration
Everytime, Everyday
Hot, strong, vibrating, moist sexual skin
So get up, Brave Vibration
For my way, For my dream
Vast, distant, picture it. Wanna break my emptiness

Be free into the untorn future
My emotions also freak out, it's no fun
I realised that I actually know
A depressed paradise is no good
Make revolution
Blow into the wind dynamically

Gather with both hands and feel the breeze
Time to wake it up
Just as you feel it all over your body

So get up, Brave Vibration
Everytime, Everyday
Shivering, shaking everything. I remember in the wave.
So get up, Brave Vibration
Only one, Only now
Today and tomorrow and always I'll be proud of everything
It's so bright towards a new me

Deep horizon in my soul
Now I'll overcome it and sail away
Don't be afraid of
Keeping it going straight
Doesn't matter how many times, keep trying it
Never gonna cry again

So get up, Brave Vibration
Everytime, Everyday
Hot, strong, vibrating, moist sexual skin
So get up, Brave Vibration
For my way, For my dream
Vast, distant, picture it. Wanna break my emptiness

Monday, July 19, 2010, 10:05 PM

Hope? Wishes?
You're better off without them.

What are friends?
Friends are those that tolerate whatever you do..
Friends are those that stays by you..
Friends are fakers built around smiles and laughters.
Friends are knives that cut you up to pieces.
Friends are jokes made from imagination.
Friendship are like glasses, 1 slip, and its all shattered.
Friends and Friendship adding together, are nothing more than just Lies.

That's that.

Sunday, July 18, 2010, 10:17 PM


I dont really care if syara comes here.
but still..

A Cancer baby as I am. :DD
And wth, Happy belated birthday to myself! :DDD

Kinda skipped blogging for like freaking long!
was trying to fight some demons inside..but ALAS, all is well!
things are starting to settle down-NOT!

exams, tests, projects deadline are ALLLL coming up.
Just hope those little devils of mine wouldnt pop up during this time..
Fell in love with aLin's-PS.我愛你
really touched by the lyrics, such heavy kinship there..
really got me thinking:

How happy is my childhood?

All those laughters we shared, cries of joy over birthdays, sitting together for tv, family time every now and then..
Where did all those go to?
down the drain together with time?
or did it just disappear?
cant figure it out..
What IS kinship nowadays?
Mere facade, illusion, imagination..
perhaps it's just me, but kinship to me:
That's that.

took quite a lot of photos last fri for syara.
Check it mon!

What?! Shaky hands thats what.
Thanks to nee for the "Rare" mango cake. Creamy and soft! Yum~

Cheers woman!

Was outside of the room, trying to mimic a surprise for our bday girl.


And that's it.
Nothing much to blog.
Just wanted to share my happiness of that day ahahah!
Alrighty mon, back to work now.
Till next time,


Sunday, May 09, 2010, 10:30 PM

Post deleted yo.

Unhappiness and resentment dont go away by typing.